There's more meaning to our moniker WGACA than the cyclical nature of fashion (as we see it) and the wise lesson of karma (as many of our Facebook fans seem to see it). Here I'm going with another interpretation--the literal one. This motion has been around longer than you might think. With an ETA in history during the 12th century, carousels as we know them today made their way into American history in the second half of the 19th century. At their peak the merry amusements numbered in the thousands, but today after a hard hit in the 1930s, there are only a couple hundred in existence. So take advantage of what is left and bring your own piece of late 19th - early 20th century fashion (you're at the source!) for a spin through history.[gallery link="file" columns="5"] And for more fun: Thrifting in the Carousel Capital of the World: Besides checking out the dozens of carousels in the Upstate New York city of Binghamton, stop by one of two hearty Salvation Armys or visit the charismatic Stephen's Vintage Clothing. A Hidden Treasure in Brooklyn: Word has it (and my eyes have confirmed) that the Williamsburg, Brooklyn bar The Cove has a carousel horse on stage and he's not alone. Make friends with a bartender to see his fellow ponies and a deconstructed full carousel in the basement. The building owners supposedly bought them from an old carousel making factory on nearby Kent Avenue when it closed its doors. Up Close and Personal: And for the easily nauseated, see a beauty up close before its moved to its new home on the East River from its current storage space in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Be Merry!