Why We Love Vintage Chanel Bags and Why You Should Too | Our Top Editor's Picks

Among fashion houses, Chanel has acquired a name and a space that is inarguably recognizable. Stretching across a journey of nothing but greatness, Chanel has remained a symbol that is ever so relevant and ever so green. From the No. 5 perfume and the Chanel Suit to the very-Coco tweed jacket and the timeless Chanel Flap bags, the French luxury house is not only a revolutionizing icon but also the epitome of unforgettable history and heritage.

At What Goes Around Comes Around, the influx of impressive and must-have Chanel pieces has turned our editors into insatiable collectors. We love meticulously collecting second-to-none rare pieces that extend across generations and we also value sharing the gift of luxury that’s already loved.

Let’s zero in on reasons why Chanel is universally, and especially, loved at WGACA and present you with some of our very own editors’ exquisite vintage Chanel picks.

Chanel is Timeless Luxury

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” -Coco Chanel

Chanel was able to weave simplicity without compromising on elegance and plenty of personality. To the luxury fashion house founder, the keynote of elegance equated to timelessness, and timelessness equated to something that dares you without being loud. With unwavering craftsmanship, premier materials and signature design aesthetics, Chanel creations surpass trends, age like fine wine, and remain heirloom pieces to be treasured in one’s closet for a lifetime.

Chanel is Fashion Heritage

Wearing Chanel resembles a tribute to the legacy and heritage of the iconic house. The timeless Chanel 2.55 created quite a controversy being the first women’s bag with a shoulder strap, leaving women hands-free, while the Chanel Boy handbag owes its history to Coco’s first love. With all of Chanel’s products seamlessly representing the brand’s identity, Chanel is a universal emblem of revolutionizing fashion history, and a wearer gets to be part of that by owning the label’s creations.

Quintessential Chanel Silhouettes

Chanel is all about architecture that stands the test of time. With a range of silhouettes from supple and soft like the staple Chanel 2.55 bag and the quilted Chanel Gabrielle backpack to boxy and structured like the Chanel vanity case bag and N°5 Perfume Bottle bag, Chanel products are an archive of variety that stay ultimately true to being Chanel.

Chanel is an Investment

Owing to Chanel becoming as desirable and coveted as ever, every year Chanel raises the price of its timeless handbags, making them the perfect luxury investment. From the timeless Classic Flaps to the runway limited edition pieces, the vintage secondary market is thriving and with the value of vintage Chanel upholding, there is no better time to take the plunge and own a piece of that legacy than now.

Where to Shop for Authentic Vintage Chanel Bags?

If you’re looking to master the art of starting a collectible-grade closet of luxury bags or shopping second-hand, you’re going to want to find a trustworthy and transparent seller. What Goes Around Comes Around is renowned for its meticulously-picked, authentic pre-loved fashion, housing a note-worthy collection of the top established luxury fashion houses, including Chanel.

Embrace eco-conscious shopping decisions and unearth pre-owned vintage Chanel gems in excellent condition. Browse our extensive Chanel collection and scroll through the list below for Chanel handbag picks that you can’t go wrong with.

Coco Chanel Collectibles: Top Vintage Chanel Bags to Invest in

What Goes Around Comes Around’s extensive collection exemplifies the breadth of Chanel's timeless charm and creativity in all its forms. From the Chanel Classic Flap bag and its tweed flavors to the must-have Chanel Camera bags, explore the iconic archival designs and the updated twists of the legendary Couturier Karl Lagerfeld.


This Chanel Half Flap bag in gorgeous maxi size and gold-plated CC twist lock is an absolute winner. Whether you want to wear it as a shoulder bag and remain hands-free, as originally intended, or wear it as a clutch, the iconic bag will instantly enchant your look.


A statement and extremely rare round silhouette by the house of Chanel, owning this exquisite luxury Chanel bag is considered a timeless ode to the brand. With various iterations of the Chanel round bag, this one looks like a treasure to behold and set you apart from the crowd.


For the love of the iconic Chanel tweed bags, an instantly recognizable Coco spirit or simply pure elevated elegance, the reasons are myriad as to why owning this vintage Chanel Double Flap bag in tweed is unquestionably worth it.


Another timeless Chanel creation and Karl Lagerfeld interpretation in a classic colorway, this signature choice of Chanel Double Flap in petite size is versatile enough to carry your essentials and transition you from day casual ensembles to night elegant wear.


An interpretation of the camera cases carried by photographers, the Chanel Camera bag is one of the brand’s elegant and roomy designs. This earlier vintage model only adds to the bag’s rarity and elusiveness, making it all the more collectible.

Coco Complements? Uncover Iridescent Chanel Accessories

Not only does WGACA’s rich inventory of Chanel include vintage bags, but also more sought-after collectibles, including Chanel jewelry like brooches, earrings and necklaces, and accessories like Chanel sunglasses, scarves, bag charms and more. Pair the pieces with your choice of Chanel handbags or add to your Chanel collection with gems that exude Chanel-ness, from whimsical pearls to signature chain links and Chanel logo embellishments.

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