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Can I use a designer bag for men in both casual and formal occasions?
Designer bags can be dressed up and down! Most, if not all, are transitional pieces and can be worn throughout your day and for different occasions. Wear your favorite bag to work and then take it out for happy hour cocktails. Use your luxury accessory any chance you get!
Where can I buy men's vintage bags online?
You've found it! We're constantly adding new styles to our curated collection of vintage bags. You can peruse and purchase vintage bags from What Goes Around Comes Around's website or head on over to one of our three brick-and-mortar locations for a larger curation! Our Stores
What features should I look for when buying a vintage briefcase for men?
If you're in the market for a new briefcase, check out our vintage curation - online or in-store! We note every fine detail and feature of each bag we carry, so depending on your specific needs, you'll be able find exactly what you need.
How do I choose the right size for a men's designer briefcase?
We detail the size specifications of our bags and take detailed photos - this way you can be sure of size accuracy. Check out our briefcase curation and find the proper size for your on-the-go needs!
Are luxury vintage backpacks for men considered an investment?
Vintage backpacks from the heritage luxury brands WGACA carries are manufactured with the highest quality materials and feature elite craftsmanship that make them long-lasting and worth the investment.