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What size vintage scarf is right for me?
There are plenty of ways to incorporate a vintage scarf into your look. We recommend larger sizes for belt or neck scarf usage, whereas smaller scarves tend to work well on bag handles and in hairstyles.
Where can I buy women's designer scarfs?
If you're in the market for a women's designer scarf, you've come to the right place! Enjoy shopping online at WGACA, or come visit one of our brick-and-mortar locations. Our specialists are eager to help you find your perfect match!
Are designer scarfs in trend?
Always! Our stylists love styling a designer scarf around the neck, through belt loops, through your hair or around the handles of a favorite bag. Or, adorn your favorite space with a framed scarf.
Tips on styling a luxury scarf
The most important tip for buying a luxury scarf is to ensure your purchase has been authenticated. Our team of authenticators has been specially trained to allow only bona fide product onto our shelves, so you can shop happily!
What do look out for when buying a vintage scarf?
Given their pre-loved nature, we recommend inspecting your prospective purchase with a fine-tooth comb. Most of all, be sure to look out for fraying, staining and tears to the fabric.
What is the benefit of buying a vintage branded scarf over a new branded scarf?
The older it is, the more loved it is! Branded scarves, like those from Hermès or Chanel, are keepsakes that'll happily be passed down for generations.
Can I buy preowned high-end scarfs in-store?
Yes! In fact, our team of buyers sources high-end scarf silhouettes from across the globe, making our selection the chicest of them all. Shop ultra-rare styles from Hermès, Chanel and Christian Dior.
Can I use a silk square scarf to style my handbag?
Absolutely. We especially love silk square scarf silhouettes tied around the handles of a favorite tote.
Do the designer winter scarfs come with matching gloves?
Some designer winter scarf silhouettes come paired with coordinating gloves, while others may not. We recommend reading the description of each product before taking it to the check out.
What is the most luxurious fabric to buy a designer scarf for women in?
We recommend different fabrics for different uses. Looking for something breezy for summer? Opt for a pure silk designer scarf for women. Looking for something cozy to bundle up with when temperatures dip? Wool or cashmere will keep you warm!