Arriving after the resolutions of Capricorn season and preceding the imaginative springtime dreams of Pisces, Aquarius is a unique chimera: a bridge between practical and psychedelic, form and fluidity, reality and possibility. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure, and Uranus, the god of futurity, Aquarius seeks to design the vessels, styles and avatars which will deliver the collective consciousness of the future.

Whether through subtlety, subterfuge or outright insurgence, Aquarius are always at the forefront of a revolution. Look to the great Aquarian style icons, then, for the visions we never saw coming.


No one would accuse Paris Hilton or Zsa Zsa Gabor of breaking any boundaries of gender. And yet, at the boom of millennium-era, wartime nationalism, Hilton was quietly subverting the masculine narrative, working the farm on The Simple Life in hot pinks, terry cloth and trucker hats, daring “real Americans” to come for her. Like fellow femme-supreme Aquarian Megan thee Stallion, Hilton’s deployment of candy-colored femininity was made to f*ck the system. Embrace girl-world pop-subversion with the Chanel pink quilted velvet double flap bag or the Louis Vuitton Pink Taurillon Capucines BB, two testaments to the hyperfemme revolution.


The fusion of politics and fashion has helped to cement the legacy of Maria Grazia Chiuri, the first woman to serve as artistic director at Dior. Through her vision, the brand which defined classic glamour would feature T-shirts with quotes from feminists like Chimamanda Nigozie Adichie and Linda Nochlin. Chiuri honors the vision of house founder and fellow Aquarian Christian Dior, whose controversial “New Look” redefined women’s identity in the wake of World War II. Aquarians are often faulted for their uncompromising, one-size-fits-all ideals, their refusal to consider the reality of the present over the fantasy of the future. But those who play with restraint, working to shift the norms of the moment, endure as icons. Embrace Dior’s enduring vision with the ever-iconic Saddle Bag, as revitalized by Chiuri, or go more modern with the pink Cannage Canvas Lady-D-Lite Medium bag.


Of course, for those who dream without bounds, look to the art of Yoko Ono, the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, the literature of Lewis Carroll, and, of course, the fashion of Patricia Field. In films like The Holy Mountain and his unrealized Dune, Jodorowsky embraced dizzying fantasies of rainbow pop temples and LSD-inspired space angels. Through her legendary Manhattan boutique, Field helped fuel the maximalist, textured revolution of the club kids. Her love of color saved the cultural consciousness of the new millennium from descending into utter drabness: what would have become of us without the sensibilities of Sex & the City, Ugly Betty and The Devil Wears Prada? To blast open a portal into creative excess, step out with the Christian Dior Embellished Satin Hong Hao Lady Mini, or the Louis Vuitton/Stephen Sprouse Pink Monogram Graffiti Keepall.


Of course, Aquarius season does go down in the coldest dark of winter, and its emissaries know how to work layers. Grigori Rasputin steered the Russian monarchy while decked in furs and an ushanka; Julia Fox tears through a frigid Manhattan in warm leather pants; and Elizabeth Holmes donned a sensible turtleneck while doubling down on her scam enterprise. Go hard on black and leather with the Balenciaga leather Sneakerhead Crossbody Wallet, and keep it cozy with a Fendi Multicolor Fur Mama Shoulder Bag.


Aquarians are no strangers to darkness, dissociation, and the horrors of the subconscious. H.R. Giger unleashed a primeval collective nightmare through his design of the Alien monster; The Weeknd made himself the dark prince of pop through his seductive lyrics and vampiric video aesthetics; and Christina Ricci reinvented the Goth Girl image through her sterling performance as Wednesday Addams. Go dark with the Louis Vuitton Black Monogram Mahina or the Monogram Eclipse Ceinture.

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