About Us


What Goes Around Comes Around is a lifestyle. We believe that luxury craftsmanship and premier vintage should be revered, preserved and adored for years to come. Our mission is to continue to create a sustainable marketplace where the finest collection of pristine pre-owned luxury and vintage pieces can find new homes.


For What Goes Around Comes Around, curating the most exquisite luxury pieces from around the world isn’t just a business, it’s a science. Our team of buyers travel the world, hand-selecting the finest designer handbags, accessories and apparel from the most coveted fashion houses. Our quality standards are unrivaled and only matched by our dedication to authenticity.


Since 1993, when we opened our first store in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, What Goes Around Comes Around has elevated traditional vintage shopping into a high fashion experience. With our unique curated vision and concept, we pay homage to the fine art of fashion through history. With additional flagships in beverly hills, WGACA is an international destination for tastemakers, industry insiders and celebrities alike.

Widely lauded as the vanguard of high-fashion vintage, WGACA paved the way for the pre-owned luxury market and remains the premier global destination for luxury vintage.


Our unrivaled dedication to authenticity and our unmatched quality control standards make us a leading curator of the finest collection of luxury vintage available worldwide.

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We source hard-to-find, limited edition pieces so you don’t have to which makes getting more of what you love easier than ever.

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Fashion is more than the next trend. True design amplifies individuality and complements personal style.

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Well-made and exquisitely designed luxury goods should not go to waste. By recycling goods and buying pre-owned items, we can all help limit waste and preserve design for decades to come.

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