Capricorn Season Style Picks

New Year’s resolutions come and go. Stylistic intentions stagnate. But in terms of true new beginnings, nothing beats Aries season. Spring is here, the zodiac has begun again, and you’re ready to step out into the sunlight, reborn and ready.

Pisces season closed the winter. We cleared our closets and made peace with all that came before. Past selves have been sorted, and we are ready to debut a new and unified vision. The ram of Aries fires ahead without looking back. This is the time to blast the door open and make a statement, one that’s simple, clear and efficient.

To channel Venus, the goddess of beauty, as she enters the ram’s domain, consider your favorite warrior women: galloping in on horseback, armored and vital, ready for action. This season’s style picks announce your drive, originality and readiness to lead the pack.


Both Audrey and Katherine Hepburn (no relation) were born with Venus in Aries, as evinced through their definitive marks on fashion. Katherine Hepburn played with Aries’ masculine angles and rugged confidence; an Artemis for a new age. Audrey Hepburn, meanwhile, embraced classical princess femininity to explore new modes of sex and self-expression. From either end of the spectrum, both women proved peerless, their style making them unforgettable on and off screen. Give them something classic with the Hermes Brique Box Kelly Sellier 32, and Louis Vuitton’s Brown Damier Sauvage Tiger Pochette.


Fashion has a way of going overboard, into the cerebral and referential. Aries season is all about simplicity. In the ram’s kingdom, Venus prefers to make a concise statement. No explanations are needed when you look this good. In his tenure at Louis Vuitton and through his own labels, Marc Jacobs combined high and lowbrow elements of fashion to deliver sleek, surefire looks that captured the imagination. You knew them when you saw them. Show up in an unquestionable statement piece with the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Amazone, and the Christian Dior Brown Trotter Coated Canvas Rasta Bowler Bag.


Aries finds coyness boring. If you’ve earned it, you deserve to show it off. The indomitable icon Mariah Carey has never shied away from serving it. The coats, bags, furs and shades are all extensions of the same message: I’m on top, and I’m proud of what I’ve got. Embrace Carey’s diva aesthetic with the Takashi Murakami x Louis Vuitton Monogram Cherry Blossom Sac Retro PM, and Hermes’ Multicolor Enamel Charniere Uni Wide.


The Aries designer Bob Mackie once said that a woman who wore his clothes was not afraid to be noticed. Indeed, no one would accuse Cher, Whitney Houston and Miley Cyrus of playing it safe, as they hit stages bejeweled in rhinestones and feathers. Mackie’s looks command an entrance and are made to be viewed with awe. This is classic glamour at its most direct. Channel Mackie’s love of color and shimmer with the Louis Vuitton Brown Monogram Sunshine Express Baby, and the Gucci Blue Sequin GG Marmont Shoulder Bag Mini.


Each spring at the Met Gala, stars stumble and crash in their attempt to flirt with the avant-garde. But for Lady Gaga, it’s just another Monday. Few style legends have pulled off so many forward-thinking, visionary and risky looks with such confidence, so consistently. It takes an Aries to change the conversation, and Gaga has no fear of provocation. Embrace her love of over-the-top fashion with the Chanel Paris-New York Embossed Reissue 224 Flap Bag, and Fendi’s White Fur Baguette.

david odyssey