Your Guide to Investing in a Luxury Timepiece

Combining skilled artisanship, legacy, and impressive quality, luxury watches stand the test of time and last for decades to come. Not only is owning a luxury watch a way to communicate appreciating the finer things in life, but it is also a collectible gem in a skyrocketing investment market.

The luxury watch investment market has been on the rise for quite some time now, given that luxury watches’ value steadily upholds and acutely increases over time.

Whether you’re into watch collecting for their aesthetically pleasing and personal wear purposes, their financial potential, or as heirlooms to be passed on for generations, we guide you through investing in these ultra-coveted timepieces and where to shop for them without questioning authenticity. We also curated a gold mine of luxury watches you’ll be thrilled to find without having to be on endless waitlists.

Look for Scarce Watches; the Rarer, the Better

Beyond looking into the heritage of coveted designer labels and watchmakers, it’s important to evaluate the rarity of a certain watch model. If you’re planning on sifting through investment watches, look for limited-edition, discontinued, and rare vintage timepieces that drastically appreciate in demand and value over time, selling above their retail price.

Along these lines, it’s important to thoroughly examine the watch’s condition and ensure it’s not damaged, refurbished or previously repaired. However, the value of some of these watches will not be affected by repaired or replaced hardware. Always ensure you work with a transparent and trustworthy seller for appropriate re-evalutation and price setting.

The Rise of Pre-owned Watches

Whether you’re looking for a modern timepiece or a vintage model, one of the smartest shortcuts you can take is shopping for these watches pre-owned. It can take decades for a modern, brand-new watch to resell higher than its original price and purchasing it pre- owned and lightly worn can be a timesaver.

And when it comes to vintage, the secondhand market is a surefire way to secure rare, genuine and authenticated pieces while sparing you the waitlist nuisance. Vintage luxury watches have lately seen tremendous demand and pre-owned resellers can give you access to certified pre-owned watches that are no longer produced, with minor wear and tear that reinforces the legacy of these historic pieces.

Where to Buy Investment Luxury Watches?

From juggling suspicious grey markets to choosing a collectible brand and inspecting a watch’s authenticity and condition, getting familiar with investment watches can be a confusing place. Easier said than done; there are plenty of models to choose from and an equally overwhelming number of sellers that may not be worth the trust.

Thankfully, various seasoned retailers make watch collecting a fearless process so you can shop more freely and fluidly, including What Goes Around Comes Around. WGACA is an invaluable, authorized, and renowned resource if you’re looking into building a prestigious watch collection. With a multitude of authenticating experts, a myriad of originality checks and verified return policies, you can easily trust you’re investing in the finest and most iconic luxury timepieces to be revered and preserved for years to come.

From pre-owned Rolexes to vintage Hermès and Chanel watches, find pristine timepieces that combine the art and science of meticulous collecting with the craftsmanship and legacy of the best in high-end coveted labels at WGACA’s extensive archive.

Top Investment Watches: Luxury Designer Timepieces Collection


Rolex is one of the most reputable labels in watchmaking, blurring the lines between provenance, aesthetics, and craft. And the Rolex Pepsi stainless steel model remains one of the most coveted timepieces to this day. A definitive and surefire investment watch, this one makes it at the top of our men’s must-haves in our collectible watch list thanks to its rarity and impressive functionality.


An investment-grade find, the Rolex Datejust boasts timelessness and elegance like no other luxury women’s watch. This 26mm Rolex sports a genuine scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a magnified Cyclops date window, and an Oyster case made of stainless steel and 18K yellow gold. With an exquisite meteorite dial, the bezel is embellished with 18K yellow gold with fluted diamonds. An Oyster bracelet and clasp of 18K yellow gold and stainless steel complete it. We think this women’s Rolex is an encounter to cherish and wear forever.


Crafted to withstand the pressure of deep-sea diving, the Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea is yet one of the most iconic and ultra-resistant men’s watches by the luxury brand. The pinnacle of Rolex's dominance in divers' watches and the outcome of years of cooperation with diving experts showcased here make this luxury watch a non-waning investment find.


An emblem of impressive heritage, this vintage Hermès watch is a rather unique and otherworldly timepiece. Featuring a cover that obscures the watch’s face, Hermès has brilliantly innovated the wearer’s ability to renew their relationship with time, time and time again.


Your luxury watch collection is not complete without this Hermès timepiece. Hermès' iconic petit stainless steel "H" shaped case with a black dial and an 'H' logo strap is an elegant piece to slip on your wrist from day to night.


A classic Hermès collector favorite featuring the interlocking ‘H’ logo band in stainless steel and a refined navy face, the Clipper PM timepiece is a superlative addition to your Hermès arsenal.


Another coveted model, this is a watch to treasure by Chanel. The vintage Chanel Première watch, revolutionized in 1987, was the brand's first timepiece. The case reminds us of the iconic scent bottle's N°5. With a bracelet crafted of interlaced leather, much like the chain on vintage Chanel bags, this is a classy and occasion-worthy timepiece that oozes femininity, poise, and glamor.