Turning Handbags into Heirlooms

Whether it’s passed down to you or you save for years, a woman never forgets her first designer handbag. But these accessories can be so much more than that- acting as family heirlooms or starting generational traditions. What Goes Around Comes Around has even ingrained this concept into our brand mission. We believe that luxury vintage should be revered, preserved, and adored for years to come. We don’t just curate designer handbags, we procure timeless pieces that often transcend a singular lifetime.   

Every bag tells a story – we love to hear them and share them. So we asked some of our What Goes Around Comes Around clients to tell us about their fondest mother/daughter handbag moments. Here’s what they had to say:   


“I bought my first high-end designer handbag when I was…I think 22 years old. Louis

Vuitton’s Murakami collab had just come out and I knew I had to have it. I saw Jessica

Simpson with the Speedy from the collection, but I decided the Priscilla was more “me”.

That bag has been hidden away in the back of my closet since the early 2000s and I can't

believe it’s back in style now. I planned on consigning it when I finally got around to

cleaning out my closet, but my daughter has now called dibs. I’m happy to be passing

this along for her to hopefully enjoy as much as I did.

-Shannon, 45

“Growing up, I used to love watching my mom pick out her bag for the day. I remember

she was always very meticulous about matching her bag to her shoes. She had an

AMAZING collection of Chanel bags, but I was never allowed to touch those when I

played dress-up in her closet. When I graduated college, she brought me to What Goes

Around Comes Around to pick out my very first Chanel bag so I could start my own

collection. I definitely plan on continuing this tradition with my future daughter, so look

out for a Chanel-obsessed mini me in the store one day!”

-Taylor, 24


Our clients shared their stories, and now you can shop for your very own heirloom. Browse our picks below of classic & timeless styles from the Mother’s Day Sale Edit.