The Original Trunk Makers

With a reputation as one of the world's finest trunk makers since the 18th century, Goyard is renowned for their detailed craftsmanship and groundbreaking innovations in the travel industry. The house’s 1853 debut came just one year before luxury competitor Louis Vuitton, also known for travel accessories. In particular, the house is widely known and recognized for their Goyardine canvas which was initially created in 1892. The signature repeating Y logo was meticulously hand-painted throughout the canvas before implementing a mechanical technique of etching and layering. This new material proved durable, lightweight, waterproof, and above all else, stylish. Made of a blend of cotton, linen, and hemp, the leather-like alternative was wildly successful upon its introduction.   

Goyard’s success did not stop there and the house’s name has been propelled to the forefront of high-end accessories and handbags for over a century. Goyard’s longevity as an accomplished heritage brand is unmatched and there are some intriguing reasons why. So what sets Goyard apart?   


Low Profile Meets High Fashion

Unlike any other luxury brand, Goyard keeps a low profile on social media and doesn’t engage in advertising or interviews. The house avoids launch parties or paid celebrity endorsements. Their website is not shoppable and is simply used to display their product offerings. You can browse, but you’re prompted to contact them for further inquiries. If you’re thinking you’ll just pop into a store to purchase instead, think again. Goyard has extremely limited brick and mortar locations, with only 4 boutiques existing across the United States. If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how this brand has achieved its status, read on.   

Goyard doesn’t try to convince consumers that their offerings are rare, they simply prove it. The brand seldomly releases new styles and they tend to stick to a core assortment of house classics. Many collections are produced in limited quantities which over time leads to their discontinuation. This exclusivity and mystery surrounding the brand has created a cult-like following amongst celebrities, influential figures, and even luxury collectors. When something is perceived as scarcely available and as an elite status symbol, of course everyone wants to get their hands on it. Goyard’s popularity is surrounded by that line of thinking.   

The high demand for really any Goyard combined with limited production makes sourcing these items extremely difficult. But What Goes Around Comes Around provides an advantageous alternative: buying pre-owned. We take the search out of shopping for Goyard with our curated collections of rare and collectible pieces. Our variety of Goyard is not only like-new, but also available to shop now. Scroll on as we take a look at some of Goyard’s most iconic pieces.   

Goyard Collectibles

The Saint-Louis
The Saint-Louis tote acquired its name from King Louis IX of France (also known as Saint Louis) and few bags are more recognizable than this one. Arguably the most popular Goyard style, this classic piece is not only timeless but also versatile – the bag is completely reversible. With the interior canvas side exposed, one can take advantage of its waterproof fabric and clean design. The spacious Saint-Louis tote comes in multiple sizes to suit your everyday needs, big or small. As some colorways become increasingly hard to find and others discontinued completely, this core style remains a staple of the house.   

The Saigon
In the early 1950s, a french man custom ordered a Goyard bag for his wife as a birthday present, entirely unaware of the popularity that would ensue. The structured trapezoid shape with natural wood accents was modeled after the house’s iconic travel trunks. Obviously the Saigon was a much more portable everyday alternative. This specially made piece became so highly requested that Goyard introduced it as a permanent style. While it has been reimagined over the years with slight tweaks and upgrades, the Saigon always retains the heritage brand’s archival elements.   

The Travel Trunk
At the very core of Goyard history is the travel trunk. Everything we know and love about the brand can be traced back to the creation of these spacious (albeit oversized) pieces. Each style that came after was a continuation of the travel trunk’s legacy. If you’re lucky enough to find a vintage Goyard trunk, you’ll find superior craftsmanship and distinctive design features. From hand-painted initials and personalizations to authentic travel stickers, each vintage trunk tells a century old story. Perhaps the most difficult of all to source, vintage Goyard trunks are nothing short of collectible luxury artifacts.