Whether you’re a rock & roll superfan or just here for the fashion POV, this ongoing blog segment is for you. Gone are the days of wearing vintage rock tees solely for the aesthetic. The Go Around contributor Daniel has made it his mission to educate WGACA shoppers and reiterate the history of these collectible pieces. This week, Daniel has chosen 5 exceptionally rare vintage shirts and dives into the background of the bands, artists, albums, and tours. Our specially sourced vintage rock t-shirts are one-of-a-kind and only available at select retail locations. So, if something catches your eye, find a store near you and grab it before it’s gone.  



Michael. Jermaine. Randy. Tito. Marlon & Jackie. All the sons of The Jackson family toured nearly 40 years ago across 58 different performances. Playing a combination of classic hits from their group days in the 70s and a bounty of Michael Jackson hits from the 80s, the six Jackson sons sold out shows all over the country, from Birmingham to Los Angeles. This was the final tour that The Jackson family had as a complete family with The King of Pop leading the way. A shirt like this is extremely rare, so run & don’t moonwalk for this collectible piece.


ELO TIME North American TOUR

Many music fans know ELO without realizing it. Spearheaded by the incredibly talented Jeff Lynne, (whom was and remains very close friends with members of The Beatles), not many Classic Rock groups were willing to take the risks that the Electric Light Orchestra would. Hits like “Evil Woman” & “Mr. Blue Sky” combine both traditional classic rock sounds along with a stringed orchestra to enhance the melodies. Between 1981 & 1982, ELO brought their “Strange Magic” across 71 performances. Hardly touring since, shirts such as these are becoming all the more rare. Don’t miss out!



Has it really been nearly 40 years since The Cars greatest tour of their career? Their Heartbeat City tour covered 45 different performances, their most ever. Led by the late, great Ric Ocasek, promoting their latest album at the time, The Cars biggest hits had predominantly arrived in the late 70s off their debut album. However, due to their focus on the studio over the early 80s postponed concerts for many fans across the US impatiently awaiting the hits to be played at the nearest city. What began in San Antonio concluded in Worchester, MA. May this t-shirt bring you memories of The Cars’ finest hour.



For the world’s greatest & longest running Rock n Roll band, now celebrating SIXTY years together, there’s always a chance Mr. Jagger STILL hasn’t gotten the ‘satisfaction’ he’s worked tirelessly to deserve. While that can be speculated, seeing The Stones live stays with fans forever. Their North American tour in 1994 was just that. Promoting their Voodoo Lounge album, Keith Richards & friends ensured they hammered home the hits from their albums Some Girls (“Miss You” & “Beast of Burden”), Let it Bleed (“Gimme Shelter” & “Monkey Man”), and Sticky Fingers (“Brown Sugar”, which is a now forever retired track). Now, it’s true, in life, “you can’t always get what you want’, when it comes to vintage Stones gear, but with tour shirts in great condition like these, “you just might find…you can get what you need”.



“Ding! Ding! All aboard the Tunnel of Love Express!” This one-of-a-kind sweatshirt in great condition is from Bruce Springsteen’s 1988 Tunnel of Love Express Tour, promoting his solo album, Tunnel of Love. This tour spanned both the USA and Europe, starting in New England and ending in Barcelona, and executing 68 incredible performances with precision like no one other than The Boss can do. Whether you’re reminiscing on “Glory Days” or “Dancing in the Dark”, this once-in-a-lifetime tour full of all-time memories can be yours now!

By Daniel Schaffel
Daniel is The Go Around’s newest contributor and recalls first becoming interested in the classic rock genre when Santana & Rob Thomas released the song “Smooth”. His parents took him to see Santana in Holmdel, New Jersey in the summer of 2000 and ever since, Daniel says discovering rock-and-roll artists has become one of his biggest passions. Whether it’s by attending concerts or raiding his parent’s vinyl collections in the attic, he especially enjoys the way classic rock allows him to find commonality and form life-long memories with family and friends. Daniel himself was involved in a cover band during high school where he led vocals or played guitar for songs from bands like Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, and Oasis. While his cover band days may be behind him, Daniel continues to attend concerts whenever possible.

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