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So we’ve survived the metamorphosis of Scorpio season, casting our old selves into the fire, enduring yet another trip into our personal and collective underworld. Now what? It’s time for the recreation, the new look, the big and bold future. Enter Sagittarius: the sign of bright, blazing optimism.

Liberated from the baggage of the past, Sagittarius gallops into the future, as illustrated by its emissary: the charging centaur. No spiritual quest is too wild, no aesthetic risk too gaudy, not if you’ve got the guts to stick the landing. “I don’t believe in good taste” said the Sagittarian Gianni Versace, summing an ethos of freedom which defines the sign’s style icons — which includes Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, Anna Nicole Smith and Janelle Monae. Who cares what they say? You did it first, and they’re all jealous.

To fully embody Sagittarian daring, you’ll have to awaken your inner bon vivant. That which clashed last season could today make for a brilliant frisson. Why not try it? Nothing is too tacky, too gaudy, or too much, come Sagittarian season. It’s time to launch into the future. What are you afraid of?


Only a Sagittarius can pull off a dress made of bandages, or, while we’re at it, a chain-mail crop top. In terms of operatic runway shows, nothing can top the sci-fi classics Barbarella (featuring the designs of Jacques Fonteray and Pacco Rabane) and The Fifth Element (entirely costumed by Jean-Paul Gaultier), two visions of the future as designed by fashion’s greatest minds. The Sagittarius Jane Fonda slipped perfectly into Barbarella’s outrageous space-age looks, creating a tongue-in-cheek superheroine who could pull off mesh, no matter the planet. And leave it to the fearless Sagittarius Milla Jovovich to pull off Gaultier’s immortal bandage costume, which will be replicated every Halloween until the end of time. If you’re going to launch into the future, you gotta have guts. Step out and stomp out with the YSL Black Leather Charms Teddy Bucket Bag, and the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Kabuki Wallet.


Edith Piaf. Maria Callas. Tina Turner. Britney Spears. Nicki Minaj. Make no mistake: Sagittarius is a diva sign. To be peerless, to attain immortality, to blast down the gates and come out on top, you gotta have guts, and you have to know how to make a statement. Subtlety is not an option. Make known your unquestionable authority with Gucci’s Pink Leather Bosco Zip Around Wallet, and the Chanel Black Quilted Calfskin Bowler Large.


Can anyone remember Gucci before the arrival of Alessandro Michele? Under the intrepid Sagittarian’s vision, a fading brand became a Wonkaland of outré ideas. Anything and everything could be possible in this new fantasy fashion land, so why not try it? Geek-chic; feathered slippers, models carrying replicas of their own heads on the runway. Cultivate Michele’s legacy of forward-thinking, chaotic and charming fashion futurity with Gucci’s Red Saffiano Leather Double Zip Tote Large, and the Pink GG Blooms Supreme Canvas Dionysus crossbody.


Sagittarians love a challenge, never shy from provocation, and find risk intoxicating. In fashion, this translates to high-stakes risk-taking. They pull off the looks the rest of us can only dream of. Enter Zoë Kravitz and Alexa Demie, two of fashion’s most unimpeachable powerhouses, who can pull off head-to-toe mesh, cut-out bodycon and even Catwoman couture. Make the world gag with the Chanel Black Quilted Lambskin Chain Fringe Pochette, and the Virgil Abloh x Louis Vuitton Red Vinyl Keepall Bandouliere.


When the centaur points his arrow, he’s aiming for the heavens — and for immortal glory. For the Sagittarian fashion designer, there can be no less than greatness. As a designer, Thierry Mugler reinvented the fashion show spectacle; created iconic looks for Grace Jones, George Michael and beyond; and invented a new aesthetic language around gender and armor, which would inspire legions of fashion girls and drag queens for decades to come. Celebrate Muglier’s love of metallics and majestic entrances with the Chanel Metallic Silver Leather Handbag Mini, and the Louis Vuitton Gold Monogram Miroir Lockit Vertical.

david odyssey

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