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Nothing is more cyclical than fashion. What was once deemed dead, dull or irrelevant has now been resurrected for a new age. Naturally, the dominating emissaries of style — from Edith Head to Anna Wintour — belong to the sign of death and rebirth, Scorpio. Perhaps the most feared sign in the zodiac, Scorpio commands metamorphosis — via transformative relationships, changes of circumstances, and literal or metaphorical death. If our understanding of what we are and what we wear is always changing, Scorpio leads us to our next incarnation.

Scorpio’s ruling planet is Pluto, god of the underworld. Up here on earth, the agents of the scorpion can peer into the abyss — underground scenes, abject or taboo movements, outsider voices — and raise the future from the depths. Chloe Sevigny can unearth any outdated look and make it instantly relevant: that’s the power of style resurrection.

As the brisk winds of winter creep in and we exhume the leather, wool and fur of seasons past, we’re in for a review of who we are now, and who we were then. What of your old style self is truly gone forever, ready to be released? And, as you reintroduce yourself to your 15 year-old trench coat — long thought lost in the caverns of your storage locker — what of your past are you ready to integrate and unleash upon the world? This Scorpio season, how will you command your style rebirth?


Imbued with a vision of the big picture, Scorpios make for excellent editors, curators and projectors. The eight-time Oscar winning costume designer Edith Head knew how to shape the fantasies of the movie-going public, creating definitive looks for Katherine Hepburn, Mae West, Natalie Wood and beyond. Anna Wintour, the legendary editor-in-chief of Vogue, has long played Wizard of Oz to our collective cultural imagination. Both women are known to show up, get to work, and turn it out. While they trade in extravagant and expansive styles, they keep their own looks concise: chic, sleek, and armored with bangs. What do they have to prove? Affirm your mastery by keeping it simple: step out with the Chanel Black & Gold Premiere Watch Medium, and the Prada Black Saffiano Bow Zip Around Wallet.


You know your favorite scene in any movie, when the romantic heroine undergoes a dramatic makeover montage, emerging resplendent and reborn? Chances are, it involves a Scorpio. Take your pick: Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada, Toni Collette in Muriel’s Wedding, Brittany Murphy in Clueless. This is the sign of metamorphosis. Aren’t you entitled to one? Elect new life and exuberance with the Burberry Yellow Nylon Graffiti Rucksack Backpack Mini, and the Chanel Fur ‘CC’ Bracelet.


Ever-exploring the deeper and darker depths of the soul, the Scorpio artist may come off as a mystery to us. That allure has imbued the musical voyager Björk, and the actress Lisa Bonet, with an immortal, unknowable majesty. The two ageless, timeless style provocateurs consistently pull off the boldest of looks, pursing their lips as they shift from animal prints to metallics with no explanation. Why should they explain themselves, and why should you? Turn up in looks that speak for themselves, with the Christian Dior Multicolor Canvas Book Tote, and Chanel’s Gold & Multicolor Gripoix Cuff Bracelet.


Scorpios speak the truth, even and especially when the world doesn’t want to face it. Throughout history, Scorpio women have been idolized one minute, then condemned the next. Case in point: Marie Antoinette, lavished and indulged as the living effigy of France, only to be blamed and sacrificed for the country’s failings. However the public’s attitudes changed, the resplendent queen wouldn’t compromise her style, or entitlement to a rich and resplendent life. Let ‘em eat it with the Louis Vuitton Black Monogram Denim & Chinchilla Trim Trapeze PM, and the Chanel Gold Quilted Lambskin Handbag Mini.


There is only one King of New York City, and that’s the Scorpio Fran Lebowitz. For decades, the writer and public speaker has talked straight about politics, culture and life. Knowing that her quick wit is enough, Lebowitz favors a clean and immaculate wardrobe: white oxford shirt, bespoke blazer, jeans and cowboy boots. Let the little details, from the watch to the cufflinks, speak for themselves. Show ‘em who’s boss with the Rolex 18K Gold & Diamond Precision Cocktail Watch, and the Louis Vuitton Silver Champs Élysées Cufflinks.

david odyssey

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