taurus season must-have accessories

For millennia, bulls have been worshiped as totems of fertility and power. In the zodiac, the bull acts as the avatar of the spring, when flowers bloom and our desires thaw out from the long winter. The emissaries of Taurus, then, must be idols as glorious as the Golden Calf, sex symbols worthy of fanatic devotion. These divas affirm pleasure, sensuality and self-indulgence — at all costs.

Speaking of costs, Taurus is no stranger to opulence, as the ruler of personal finances and self- worth. Those who claim the season’s gifts must embody their confidence, even at the risk of gaudiness. What are you worth, and how do you show it?

Bulls aren’t known for compromise, and neither are the great divas of the Taurus pantheon, which includes Cher, Barbra Streisand, Grace Jones, Janet Jackson and Adele. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, but that doesn’t make this a sign — or season — for sitting pretty. Whether it’s Halston, Blanchett or both Hepburns, Taureans know what they’re here to do, and won’t settle for anything less than perfection. If Taurus is going to step out of the house — and that’s a big if — then you can count on a flawless debut. Here’s how to channel the bull’s verdant majesty this spring.


In 2006, the Taureans Sofia Coppola and Kirsten Dunst gave the world Marie Antoinette, a cinematic celebration of shoes, wigs, champagne and croquembouche. Dunst’s Antoinette was no heartless tyrant but a martyr to the Taurean cause — a girl who wanted to be left alone to try on gowns in her private garden. Toast the luscious pinks and grand decadence of Coppola’s masterpiece with the Louis Vuitton Pink Monogram Vernis Ikat Flower Catalina BB; and celebrate classical French taste with the Hermès ‘Republique Francaise Liberte Egalite Fraternite’ Silk Scarf 90.


With Venus as their supreme ruler, Taureans act as priests to the divine feminine. The great Taurus designers craft classical silhouettes, meant to be debuted down marble staircases. Whether worn by Katherine Hepburn or Zendaya, Pierre Balmain’s gowns spell out timeless glamour. And Halston’s instantly iconic looks — including Jackie O’s Pillbox hat and the jumpsuits of Studio 54 — redefined style for decades to come. Embrace empress-level elegance with the Hermès Rose Confetti Chevre Mysore Birkin 30 and go full Studio 54 with Gucci’s Pink & Red Grained Leather Soho Disco.


If you’re going to make an entrance, it better ‘em dead. Few cinematic entrances compare to Cher stepping out of the cab in Moonstruck, meeting her illicit lover Nicholas Cage for La Bohème at Lincoln Center. With her vivid, sultry hair, a rich fur coat and ruby lips, Cher is the opera. And leave it to fellow Taurus Michelle Pfeiffer to set high society ablaze as the scandalous Countess Olenska in The Age of Innocence. All she needs is a red gown and a cigarette, and the theater breaks into chaos. Arrive looking like Cher with the Prada Fur Etiquette Shoulder Bag; and leave the crowd lusting for more with Chanel’s ‘CC’ Coin & Faux Pearl Necklace.


Flowers and furs can only get a girl so far. The executive, editor and style icon must project power and strength — best served with boots, leather and gold. For decades, Donatella Versace has embodied femininity without fragility, power in severity. And on the legendary fashion satire series Absolutely Fabulous, the Taurus Joanna Lumley stomped down the stairs in power suits and pearls, swigging vodka to recover from last night’s hangover. Would you dare question their authority? Show ‘em who’s boss with the Chanel Black Lambskin Crystal Eagle Shoulder Bag; and enjoy a lengthy executive lunch (with cocktails) with the Prada Gold Vitello Daino Hobo.


Taurus trades in immortal femininity, in the silhouettes which reign over the past, present and the future. Look to master creators Jean-Paul Gaultier and Issey Miyake for the shape of things to come. Gaultier envisioned a spectacular future of flying cars and Russian supermodels for The Fifth Element — for which he designed every look. Miyake, meanwhile, created a new language around gender, structure and form, which will continue to reverberate into the Age of Aquarius. Toast Gaultier’s love of camp, color and all things naval with Chanel’s Terry Cloth La Pausa Bay Reversible Tote. And for a statement that’s chic, sharp and neutral, step out with the Fendi Black Zucca Coated Canvas Logo Clutch.

david odyssey