If you’re hesitant about the longevity of vintage items, we’d like to point out the driving force of cyclical fashion. In 2021, we saw the wildly popular resurgence of 1990s fashion. Iconic 90s trends like logomania, Fendi Baguettes and Christian Dior Saddle bags made a comeback in a big way. Our celebrity and industry tastemaker clients look to WGACA for those one-of-a-kind vintage scores that have once again circled back into high-fashion glory. While these styles are often re-released with modern influences, the original vintage versions are amongst the rarest and can only be found on the resale market.

The Classics Never Go Out of Style

Those looking for a timeless investment should explore the multitude of luxury styles that have remained popular, and even increased in popularity, since their introduction. Some instantly recognizable examples are the Hermès Birkin, the Chanel Classic Flap and the Christian Dior Lady Dior. Classic styles are widely acknowledged as the foundation of high-fashion, and many were created for and named after influential public figures. The vintage versions are incredibly collectible and boast superior craftsmanship and durability in comparison to their recently produced counterparts.

The Resale Value of Vintage

For many high-end luxury brands, the resale value tends to stabilize and even increase over time. The strongest examples are vintage Chanel and Hermès, whose skyrocketing resale values make them the ultimate investments. Whether your interest is piqued by vintage 90s Classic Flaps or exotic Birkins, the demand for vintage luxury has not waivered. The beauty of pre-owned vintage is that you can choose to love it and pass it down for years to come or resell it and add a new accessory into your rotation. When you choose pre-owned vintage, you’re choosing a piece with a rich history and a uniqueness that’s distinctive to you. And for anyone wondering where your chic “new” accessory is from, and you can tell them “Thanks, I got it from WGACA.”

Why Buy Pre-Owned Vintage?

The confliction between investing in vintage or buying brand new comes with a few supporting arguments on the vintage side. From where we sit, high rarity equals high demand. Many fashion houses produce limited quantities upon initial release; meaning specific colorways, materials, and styles become increasingly harder to find. The same goes for special collections and collaborations. Once they launch and inevitably sell out, the only way to get your hands on many of these items is through the vintage resale market. Enter, What Goes Around Comes Around. Our international buyers search the world to provide our customers with the most sought-after and covetable pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

@mileycyrus wears her YSL vest, Prada bag, and Chanel necklace sourced by #WGACA

@kyliejenner wears a full vintage

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Beyoncé with a Stephen Sprouse x Louis Vuitton Monogram Graffiti Alma sourced by #WGACA

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Your One Stop Vintage Shop

What Goes Around Comes Around’s vintage enterprise began with a singular brick-and-mortar storefront in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood and has expanded to multiple retail locations (with a strong online presence) since the 1993 debut. Our focus on transforming traditional vintage shopping into a high-fashion experience has positioned What Goes Around Comes Around as a vanguard of the pre-owned vintage market. Shopping with us not only provides exclusive access to authentic pre-owned luxury, but also a specialized curation of investment-worthy vintage.