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After the hot summer nights of Leo, and before Libra launches us into the social dynamics of a new semester, it’s time to get our affairs in order. Virgo arrives midway through the zodiac to set our terms, boundaries and modes of self-definition. Who are you? How do you engage with the outside world? What do you offer, and what do you stand to receive? With crown jewels including Beyoncé, Freddie Mercury and Cameron Diaz, Virgos are no strangers to world domination and mass fame. And yet, how much do we know about these people, beyond what they’ve chosen to show us? The mastery isn’t in the talent, but in the discretion.

If Leo season brought us to celebrate our gifts and star power. Virgo arrives, just in time for back-to-school shopping, to arm us with the tools, techniques and strategies to succeed. The Virgo aesthetic, then, is canny, calculated and practical, showing off strength without compromising power.

Of course, we’re dealing with the sign of the Virgin, the original uber-femme. That negotiation, or balance, between hard shell and romantic interior, is what makes Virgo style endlessly mesmerizing. Make your declaration with these Virgo season style essentials.


The Virgin archetype descends from the Vestal Virgins, the high priestesses whose bodies were considered spiritual and sexual vessels, to be adored and even feared. In the modern era, that sacred power was imbued into the stars of the silver screen, women who could channel the devastating, seductive power of the divine feminine: the elusive Greta Garbo; the striking Ingrid Bergman; the volcanic Raquel Welch; and the supreme, sublime Sophia Loren. Invest in the immortal power of the classic femme with the Gucci Red GG Canvas Embroidered Marmont Wallet-on-Chain, and the Fendi Pink Embroidered Convertible Baguette Bag Charm Nano.


Since the days of the Virgin Queen Elizabeth I, Virgos have used style as a mode of self-protection, preservation and declaration. At the end of the 19th century, the British men’s outfitter Thomas Burberry discovered the water-resistant, hard-woven fabric gabardine. At the turn of the century, he employed the new fabric in the invention of the trench coat, as commissioned by the British military. Burberry’s clean, crisp, impenetrable aesthetic remains chic as ever, whether you’re taking on the elements, enemy fire or simply seeking to affirm your power when walking to work. Master the Burberry mode with the Beige Haymarket Check Peyton Convertible Clutch, and the White Canvas Monogram Louise Crossbody XL.


In a busted film industry, few young lights have claimed superstardom like the mononymous Virgo Zendaya. Arriving at the end of summer, Virgo is a mutable sign, capable of adapting and adjusting to the changing seasons. Zendaya, embodying her sign’s fluidity, can tear it whether she’s playing a space desert warrior woman in Dune, or the unlikely face of Gen Z on Euphoria. On red carpets, Zendaya has embraced a similarly versatile wardrobe, ranging from old Hollywood to sci-fi chic. And being of the sign of synthesis and processing, Zendaya’s looks are able to reference classic looks, while reinventing them for a new century. That inventiveness is Virgo’s power. Step out in looks for any season with the Fendi Brown Zucca Canvas Embroidered Baguette, and the Gucci Red Leather & Canvas Sylvie Baiadera Belt Bag. 


Virgo is the sign of efficiency, which makes many of its emissaries into excellent organizers, personal trainers and project managers. How can we hone your gifts so that you’re meeting your highest potential? When Tom Ford started at Gucci, the brand was nearly insolvent; through the Virgo’s vision, sales are said to have increased by 90%. And, collaborating with fellow Virgo Sophie Dahl, Ford was able to blast YSL back into prominence. Celebrate Ford’s vision with the Gucci Original GG Supreme Canvas Embellished Dionysus Bag Medium, and the YSL Black & White Grained Calfskin Envelope Wallet-on-Chain.


In the early ’80s, when Chanel hired Karl Lagerfeld, the brand was considered to be on its last legs. Lagerfeld — himself a sunglasses-clad sphinx — revitalized Chanel’s intrinsic allure, mystery and chic. Virgos know how to command sex and power without exposing an inch. The dress suit, the “CC” logo, the shoulder pads: the new generation of Chanel woman would be armored, exquisite and untouchable, like the man running the show from behind the curtain. The Chanel Metallic Silver Chevron Quilted Calfskin Wallet exudes impregnable, immortal beauty, and the Chanel Black Quilted Caviar Grand Shopping Tote (GST) shows off sleek, chic, everlasting grandeur.

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