DJ Chloé Caillet

Double Opening Events

Last night we celebrated at not one but two opening events for our New York City retail locations. Our West Broadway Soho flagship store toasted to a long-awaited reopening after incredible renovations, while our Wooster Street store celebrated the delayed grand opening of our newest NYC location. The guest list was a curated selection of VIP customers, industry tastemakers, artists and celebrity clients. Top names were joined by our co-founders Seth Weisser and Gerard Maione, as well as our sponsor God's Love.

103 Wooster Street

Now a permanent location of What Goes Around Comes Around, our Wooster Street store will continue to be the focal point for more modern designer collections. This WGACA location exclusively curates the best pieces from the past decade with a sharp focus on the emerging demand for pre-owned luxury. To welcome our newest store into the WGACA family, we of course had to celebrate with a grand opening event.

To support this modern take on luxury, the Wooster Street's opening event was nothing short of a party. The store was filled with VIP clients and industry influencers who all congregated on the dance floor for a front row show by DJ Chloé Caillet. Our cofounders, friends, and family joined the VIPs under a disco ball and strobe lights to continue the celebrations in true WGACA style.

Scroll on for a look into last night’s event at 103 Wooster Street.

DJ Chloé gets everyone out on the dance floor

GG, Ivy Supersonic, Madeline Dinda

Morgan Vandermaas & Ellie Fallon

Lexi Wood & Randall Slavin

Jordan Hartmann & Aweng Ade-Chuol

Cofounder Gerard Maione & Madeline Dinda

Cofounder Seth Weisser & Stacy Weisser

Photo credit to Madison Voelkel/BFA.com