cancer season must-have accessories

Cancer Season Must-Have Accessories

Representing the first water sign of the zodiac, Cancers are often maligned as clingy, overly emotional and sensitive to a fault. Cancer is the sign of the moon, archetype of our history and our heritage. It rules the mammary glands, where mothers feed the next generation of an unending line. Its domain is the home, where the soul is nourished, nurtured and prepared to launch into the world. With such an intense legacy, can you blame this cohort for loving a little too intensely?

Indeed, Cancers take two forms: the open-hearted lover, valiantly vulnerable and ready for more pain; or the armored defender, built and secured to protect themselves (and those they love) from devastation — emotional or otherwise. The interplay between fragility and fortification makes for endless modes of aesthetic expression.

Because of Cancer’s intense connection to home, family and community, its greatest avatars act as emissaries of the tribe, proudly elevating the culture which shaped them. Just as the Hermit Crab carries its home on its back, so do Cancerian innovators bring their stories, lessons and traditions out into the greater world. Those who embrace Cancer’s love of history, then, know how to tell a story through what they wear.

In the zodiacal calendar, Cancer season officially launches the summer. It’s the time of looking ahead, launching our heart’s desires and entering the sweltering chaos of love and power. To claim the season’s riches, one must know who they are — and know how to show it.


When it comes to hip hop innovation, none can match the legendary mothers: Lil’ Kim and Missy Elliot. Embodying Cancer’s tenacity, the icons conquered an industry known for overblown machismo. To assert their power, Kim and Missy double-downed on femininity, wearing outsize, over-the-top ensembles which made them unmissable and untouchable; maximalism as protection. Go big, gaudy and glorious with the Louis Vuitton Silver Monogram Miroir Lockit Vertical, and Fendi’s Navy Zucchino Denim Tote Bag.


The Cancer Diana Spencer recruited fellow crab Elizabeth Emanuel (along with her husband David Emanuel) to design the wedding dress of the century, for a ceremony which would be viewed by over 700 million people worldwide. Cancer longs for romance, family and a sense of stable tradition, and, even for a fleeting walk down the aisle, Diana brought true love back to life. Embrace all-out amorance with the Chanel Gold & Faux Pearl CC Heart Pin, and Prada’s Multicolor Vitello Move Trifold Compact Wallet.


Hedi Slimane has introduced mystique, sophistication and allure to the houses of Dior, Saint Laurent and Celine. His shadow, slim silhouettes were a new vision of the armored, guarded Cancer. Take power in mystery and toast Slimane’s look with the YSL Metallic Silver & Black Kate Belt Bag, and the Black Canvas Lady Dior Soft Tote Small.


Few fashion icons can boast the varied, versatile life of Jerry Hall: discovered by a fashion agent on the beaches of Saint Tropez; partying at Studio 54; starring as the Joker’s muse in Batman; marrying Mick Jagger in Bali; securing a kept man on her own reality dating series; and finding love with Rupert Murdoch. Cancers are built to endure, adapt, survive and thrive, bringing their tastes with them where they go, and never forgetting their style. Make an entrance like Hall with the Hermés Silver & Yellow “Pop H” Mini, and Chanel’s Metallic Copper Lambskin Fingerless Gloves.


As the titular lovelorn Cancer of Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge shone in stripped-down, simple dresses and sweaters. On the red carpet, Waller-Bridge channels Hollywood glamor while maintaining a subtle, sophisticated, guarded femininity. Embrace restrained elegance with the Hermés Orange Clic H Narrow PM and the Christian Dior Beige Ultramarine Calfskin Saddle Bag.

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