Last night at our Madison Avenue flagship, we invited an intimate group of fashion insiders to celebrate Rori Sassoon's new book, The Art of the Date. Rori shared some riveting dating tips, tricks, and insider secrets she's learned as co-founder of Platinum Poire, New York's most elite matchmaking service. Stylist and fashion reporter, Gayle Perry joined Rori to discuss fashion's role in foreplay -- because the art of strategically dressing for a date is one that should never be overlooked!

Rori kicked off the night by teasing a few excerpts from her book, and sharing what "fashion is foreplay" means to her. "As a fashionista," she shared, "It means to me that fashion is the most fun kind of 'foreplay.' This starts with what your date or love-interest is wearing and what their scent is. That attraction begins the moment that you see each other. You can feel in the first visual impression, just how attracted you are to each other." Then, Gayle walked the audience through three date scenarios, and the perfect outfit recipes for each. "Using Fashion appropriately and most effectively, wearing the right clothes for your body, accentuating your best assets, make all the difference," said Gayle. "It's the foreplay kickoff!"

Both Gayle and Rori emphasized the importance of leaving something to the imagination -- so instead of opting for a low cut top or a mini skirt, they suggest leaving your forearm or shoulders bare instead. Going for the subtly sexy look will signal that you're looking for a commitment, and might even help lay the foundation for a lasting relationship.

Scroll down to take a look at some highlights from the evening.