Hermes Birkin
Hermès Rose Scherherazade Birkin 25cm

This week, we’re obsessing over a regal new arrival. An Hermès Birkin 25cm, crafted of luxurious niloticus crocodile, is a unique and coveted find that’s sure to set any collector’s heart aflutter.

The specific shade of pink, named Rose Scheherazade by Hermès, is extremely rare & sought-after and most often seen in exotic skins. It is a miniscule – yet important - variation away from other popular official hues created by the brand, like Rose Shocking, Tosca & Rose Purple. 

The word "Scheherazade" derives from an Arabic form of the Middle Persian name Čehrāzād, which is composed of 2 Arabic words denoting “noble” and “lineage,” a perfect fit for such a regal color. Interestingly, there is also a famous female character named Persian Queen Sheherazade, from the eponymous ancient Arabic collection of tales known as One Thousand and One Nights.

This gorgeous color immediately transports you to an exotic state of mind - and into a new stratosphere of other-worldly Hermès sophistication.