Greece is one of Ambria's favorite places to visit, so she is the first person we ask if we are planning a trip. This summer, our VP/General Merchandise Manager skipped Santorini and went to Mykonos for a quick getaway. We asked her where she went and, most importantly, what she packed.

For Mykonos I wanted to accessorize with blue as much as possible to coordinate with the backdrop of the stunning ocean and the famous Old City colors of white and blue. I brought a  cobalt velvet Chanel Wallet on Chain to be able to shop easily since all I really need is my room card and credit card. For me, hands free is the only way to be. All you really need is your credit card and room key so a flat wallet on chain is key for my daytime look.what goes around comes around, Mykonos, luxury vintage 

what goes around comes around, Mykonos, luxury vintage

Exploring Old City is fun because it’s a labyrinth of streets, walkways and coves that can seemingly feel neverending but they all connect and you are never truly lost. It’s a little bit addicting. I didn’t neeeeed to shop, but I couldn’t help but be enticed by the beautiful white gauze caftans with colorful fringe and heading that they are known for. Beach bags, bikinis, leather gladiator sandals and maxi dresses are usually between 40€ and 150€ (mostly cotton, linen and rayon blends) but are worth loading up on while you’re there. They are by far better quality compared to those I’ve seen in beach towns in Italy and France, to be honest.

For nighttime, I wanted to make sure I could fit a lipstick or two, my phone charger for those long nights that turn into late mornings and some concealer so a Chanel Mini Flap is the only way to go for me. Instead of a rich color I chose a classic pastel tweed in purple and pink hues that to me felt very beachy, innocent and playful.

In Mykonos, day turns to night quickly. You start your day at 1 p.m. and go until midnight.  Lunchtime is the main party! My favorite beach club is Principote Panormos, an upscale Euro-vibe with a less party and more relaxed feel. Nammos Beach Club is the spot to be seen. Plan to party hard and dress the part. The Fruit Punch with rum is not as bad as I thought it would be. I'm usually not into mixed drinks with fruity associations. This one is actually kind of sultry with blackberries adding a threaded texture. 

what goes around comes around, Mykonos, luxury vintage

what goes around comes around, Mykonos, luxury vintage

Spilia Seaside Restaurant is not on the main drag, but it’s worth the 25€ car service and 20-minute drive to get there. I have to say me and my friend were wow’ed by the lobster risotto and linguini with red clams. There’s a beach club at night vibe with deep House remixes to songs from the 1980s. Leave your black dresses at home. Everyone is dressed in bohemian-glam. Colors are key as well as less clingy and more frilly silhouettes. Shorts and skirts have a puffy ruffle or flair. High-waisted yellow or blue trousers are paired with crop tops and bare feet!