After our WGACA x Dannijo Styling Party, we sat down with Danielle and Jodie Snyder, the powerhouse sister duo behind the coveted fashion and accessories brand. Read on!

WGACA: You’ve said you grew up playing with your mom’s vintage jewelry — how have those vintage pieces influenced your Dannijo designs?

Dannijo: We have a really playful, bohemian, vintage inspired approach to our designs. My mom is the accessories Queen and her enthusiasm for clip-ons, statement necklaces, cuffs, headbands, and oversized belts have undoubtedly inspired our vision since day one.‬

WGACA: What has your mom’s style taught you about fashion?

Danniji: Have fun with it and don’t take yourself too seriously. Also, a red lip never hurt anyone ;)‬

WGACA: Like WGACA, Dannijo was founded in the heart of NYC. What does being a born-in-NYC brand mean to you?

Dannijo: You’ve got to have soul and continue to inspire people with your designs, your words and your experiences. Being a New Yorker means never having a dull moment or design. ‬

WGACA: What’s your favorite era of vintage fashion?

Dannijo: That’s like choosing between kids but we do love the 90s — slip dresses, combat boots and arm-parties.‬ We also love a '90s belt, blazer, or bag to mix into our everyday uniform.

WGACA: If you could each splurge on one luxury vintage item what would it be?

Dannijo: A structured Chanel blazer you can wear a million ways from season to season.

WGACA: What is it like running a business as sisters?

Dannijo: LITERALLY. THE. BEST. So much passion, energy, and love!‬

WGACA: How would you say your styles differ from each other's?

Dannijo: Historically (Danielle) i was more bohemian / rock’n’roll and Jodie was more classic. We flip flop all the time now. We both have fun with fashion and we're both mood dressers, so it totally depends on the day.‬

WGACA: Dannijo is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. How have you created such an immersive experience for your community of Dannijo girls?

Dannijo: We love what we do and we live and breathe the brand and I think it shows. We’re always finding new ways to storytell and give our community styling access and daily inspo. Engaging with our community both educates and inspires us!