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Stephanie Hill wears our vintage Chanel Belt
Our founders Seth Weisser and Gerard Maione have seen it all over the past 25 years in the vintage business. Quality and creativity has continued to reign supreme throughout the journey. We've compiled our founders timeless advice for the vintage lover and fashion collector.
  1. In fashion and in life, What Goes Around Comes Around.
  2. Luxury is not determined by price, but by craftsmanship, exclusivity and customer service. 
  3. Trends come and go, but classics never go out of style.
  4. Be inspired by the past and help it guide your future.
  5. Millennial are the new luxury consumer. Follow their lead.
  6. The Hermès Birkin is a better investment than gold or stocks.
  7. Authenticity is such a critical element in everything that we do. In business, in life and in shopping, you must always trust the source.
  8. You should never purchase anything in poor quality because it is designer. That is not a best buy. It is a poor buy.
  9. Your bag should speak to your sense of style and should be a timeless statement piece in your personal collection. 
  10. Few fashion houses can inspire such abiding loyalty as Chanel.
  11. The Chanel 2.55 is the holy grail of handbags for fashion enthusiasts. The quality of leather, detail and finishes are truly inspiring works of art. 
  12. If you’re going to buy your first Hermès bag start it off right with a 30 cm Birkin in black.
  13. The Louis Vuitton Keepall is the perfect travel companion; it’s sturdy, reliable and fashionable all at once. 
  14. Gucci will always set the standard for Italian style.
  15. Silvia Fendi created the Baguette bag as a “practical bag” for women. The small bag is just as fashionable as it was 20 years ago.
  16. The Dior Saddle Bag is like a Warhol – it’s a pop culture icon.
  17. Nothing is more resilient than a Prada Nylon Backpack.
  18. A Hermès scarf is the most versatile accessory you could ever buy. That’s why it is sold somewhere in the world every 25 seconds.
  19. A great necklace paired with earrings will never go out of style – if it’s Chanel vintage.
  20. Levi’s are the most famous and ephemeral of all the denim brands. For a vintage collector, everything starts with the jeans and Levi’s made the first. Vintage 501s should be the backbone of any vintage wardrobe.
  21. While vintage rock t-shirts may not be considered a luxury item, they are highly collectible and limited edition. You can’t place a value on nostalgia, but you can place a price. That’s why they’re expensive.
  22. We’ve created a lot of trends. You can too. It’s not always about creating something new. It is about creating something fresh in the marketplace.
  23. It’s not always about the label. Sure, it’s great to say my outfit is Dior, but it’s really about the piece, the artistry, the design and the statement it’s making. 
  24. Vintage should be inspirational and aspirational. Who wants to be wearing something everyone else is wearing? That’s boring. 
  25. Invest in a good watch. It will last a lifetime.